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Valid xtypes in GWT-Ext

30 Jun 2009

Say you have a panel, that contains a form and you want to get the values for the fields of that form, one way to go on about it is to use findByType():

Find a component under this container at any level by xtype.

Parameters: xtype - the components xtype Returns: an array of components this is all well and good, however the available xtypes, what are those?

A bit of magic string here?,  what are the available xtypes?

You can find a list below: ` * xtype Class * ————- —————— * box BoxComponent * button Button * colorpalette ColorPalette * component Component * container Container * cycle CycleButton * dataview DataView * datepicker DatePicker * editor Editor * editorgrid EditorGridPanel * grid GridPanel * paging PagingToolbar * panel Panel * progress ProgressBar * splitbutton SplitButton * tabpanel TabPanel * treepanel TreePanel * viewport ViewPort * window Window * `

* Toolbar components * --------------------------------------- * toolbar Toolbar * * Form components * --------------------------------------- * checkbox Checkbox * combo ComboBox * datefield DateField * field Field * fieldset FieldSet * form FormPanel * hidden Hidden * htmleditor HtmlEditor * numberfield NumberField * radio Radio * textarea TextArea * textfield TextField * timefield TimeField

This list is available from the** Component** class in the package com.gwtext.client.widgets;

As a cleaner way to deal with this I created an Enum to work with this information.

Hope it saves you 10min.

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