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DirectoryTruncator - Update II

30 Dec 2012

So, after the last post, where I introduced Directory truncator, I present you some extra work I have just committed. My plans for it from the previous post where

  1. Logging and or console output so you know what happened, I couldn’t so far decide on what is the best approach or if I want to choose one, so I ll do that tomorrow .

  2. On error, proceed to the next file/folder.

  3. Have a StartsWith parameter(on both methods), so that it only deletes files or directory that start with

  4. Turn it into a service

So, this is what happened,

  1. After thinking a little bit about it, I just went for NLog, it does what I need it to do for the moment. Logs need no test, so I added a few log messages, there is probably some log messages missing.

  2. For this one, I ended up making a decision I’m still mulling over. I needed to test that if there is an error on file delete, the process will log and keep going. How to do that? well, I created a thin wrapper around the file system, as far as I could see it, there was no other way to simulate the scenario of you have two files to delete and one of them is deleted before we get to it. I have yet to do this for TruncateByDirectory.

This is all for today, and since this is probably the last post of the year. Merry New Year!!!