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Speed is all

04 Jul 2008

PDF Readers

I m thinking about a serious of “meaty” post for this weeked or at least the one decent one, but meanwhile I though I should post about the incredible diference in speed between Adobe Reader and Foxit. A friend of mine (one of the two suscribers to this blog) told me about foxit like a year ago, i went yeah yeah but then about two weeks ago i actually download it and it is really fast, i love it.

FF2 vs FF3
OMG i m so happy with FF3 I m still testing it in only one of my machines but so far much better performance and now that firebug is behaving, happy days. The Add ons I have are: Firebug with YSlow, Jiffy, Web Developer, and of course Google Toolbar. The best feature is no memory problems :D

Now tempted to install the Beta 2 of IE8….

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