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Trying GXT (ExtJs in GWT)

29 Aug 2008

Today I’m trying out Ext GWT

To use Ext GWT

Installation was simple ( i needed the java sdk i got 1.6Update 7 )

downloaded GWT1.5.1 and decompressed it. happy days!

then i ran the sample hello and I was running, really fast

[if you have problems with some error that ends with and then an exception, it s very likely to be that your path is reading some other version of java first, if so go to environment variables and change your system settings so you have the recently installed java sdk first]

to check the java version open the command line and do java -version

Why Ext GWT?

GWT is a compiler that converts Java source into JavaScript

this means you write and test java code

Getting Started

as in the sample i went and changed the email application and it changed properly and that was cool, lets get to the business now

lets create our own app and try to handle some event

Creating an Application

There is an ApplicationCreator that generates a series of files including a java file with a sort of hello world, an html file a css file and two cmd files this all following a naming convention.

Adding support for GWT -EXT

OK I went to the Ext GWT documentation web and there are a few screencast, if you follow them you get to the EXT-GWT (from hello world however there isnt much more sample applications , there is one but seems like a big jump

To be honest this took a while to get right, i m not used to java and the path convention is a bit too strange, i followed the video in the docs above and finally its working :)

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