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Happy Holidays post and welcome 2009

30 Dec 2008

well this is one of those end of year post that I think you must write. This is the first year I actually keep my blogging pretty constant (thou changed blogging engines …) so first time I m actually writing one of these. Anyway

I m very happy with the year thats g0ne, **loads **of changes in my life, one of them being having no weekends at all for most of the year as I ve been working on a project with a friend of mine. That project is going well, we can nearly touch the code complete stage , only 8 tickets left open now so that’s great, I ll blog more about it when I know how public we want this to be.  And yes it is written in .net with the castle project (

I ve been paying more attention to networking and its paid off big time, so next year I m gonna do more of that, and hopefully i ll dare to prepare a few talks on castle, as I ve been using Monorail,  ActiveRecord and Windsor. However  If I have to prepare a talk I will have to do some serious reading that I ve been meaning to do to actually have a more complete knowledge.

In 2009 I  want to get my teeth into RoR  I ve been trying to put time towards Ruby Jobs ( please refer to previous post too lazy to actually fetch the link)  however due to the project mentioned above its impossible, it just eats all my time.

Another great thing that might not interest anyone but me is that my brother is coming over to visit me for a few weeks, he is 19 and reading Computing, I m sooo proud of him.

Looking forward to FOWA Dublin , OSS barcamp, DDD .

Looking forward to a lot of really cool new records that hopefully will come out. 

I think 2009 will be a very challenging year, I hope not too see too many friends go ( I miss a few that left Dublin already)  and I hope this will not turn Dublin in a less secure place, I think we all enjoy been able to walk to and from places. 

Another thing that I want to see happening and I want to contribute heavily towards is,  I hope it works out and that we all learn a lot.

Mostly I would like that people are happy and that we enjoy the journey as we go.  

Happy 2009



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