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Component View Caching with Castle

07 Jan 2009

I had to add some caching for a ViewCompoment in castle recently and, at least for me, it wasnt too clear what to do at first.

A ViewComponent is a very handy thing in castle, amongst other things it allows you to have  aView Component that can be, a login box, a menu,  an rss feed reader.  Sometimes the you need to cache the viewcomponent and this is how you need to go to this post by hammet 

I couldn’t use the decoration ` [ViewComponentDetails(“comp1”, Cache=ViewComponentCache.Always)] ` because I needed the component to be refreshed every so often , so I used my own implementation ` [ViewComponentDetails(“BlogComponent”, Cache = ViewComponentCache.UseCustomCacheKeyGenerator, CacheKeyFactory = typeof(YourCacheKeyGenerator))] `

_YourCacheKeyGenerator _is a class that you create that must implement _IViewComponentCacheKeyGenerator _something similar to ` public class YourCacheKeyGenerator: IViewComponentCacheKeyGenerator { public CacheKey Create(string viewComponentName, IDictionary parameters, IEngineContext context) { CacheKey key = new NamedCacheKey(); ….. ….. your implementation here return key; } ` I made my implementation dependant on time but you can make it dependant on anything you need

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