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Pragmatic Ubuntu?

30 Jan 2009

Through Andy Hunt’s Blog ( one of the Authors of The Pragmatic Programer)  I got the Pocket Ubuntu guide for free.

Thanks Andy and thanks to Keir Thomas for making this available in the 

I just went through the first chapter and found out about Wubi ( possibly something I will try now  as I like the idea of trying things quickly without having to reboot, installing… no i didnt read much  yet).

Edit  installed Wubi and its not a  virtual machine of some sort as I originally though, however its a really easy installer for windows, I intalled it as a program then rebooted and there it was, dual booting without the headaches :D with a full ubuntu desktop, not what I thoough it was but real nice :)

So far the book looks good, more on it later on. 

Cheers :D

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