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Iron Ruby and talking too fast

09 Feb 2009

So today i was reading an article by Ben Hall on Getting Started With IronRuby And RSpec, Part 1 after I read a few paragraphs I twitted that there were “ many things in this article that I disagreed with” Ben listened and … asked me why.

I actually disagreed about some sentences that talk about the processes, or opinions about stuff (for example naming conventions and whent you need a framework ) however the article is really good, it explains very clearly what is the purpose of the post, there is a nice intro into Iron Ruby, some sample code, then rspec and the difference between BDD and TDD as well as a very extensive warning about how mature Iron Ruby is

What I ve learned

  1. Read the whole damn article before saying stuff

  2. Give reasons why is good/bad

  3. Maybe read less things, but read them properly

  4. maybe testing with IronRuby is viable and would be really nice to give a try

  5. I actaully miss duck typing much more that what i remember

  6. something that I m obviously forgetting, that i though I should add and forgot



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