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Tool set for .net development

15 Feb 2009

I have 10 minutes to write this, and I ve been meaning to …

This is a few things that I use (or want to try) :

Unit Testing Tools

MbUnit - Faster to test AR Datamodels 

NUnit Nothing bad about it, nothing that made me go wow! that’s great!  (that i can remember right now)

and of course

Test Driven  Just love the fact that you can right click a test, a unit or a project or a solution and just run the test or in the worse case scenario debug the test.

Mocking Tools

Rhino Mocks  Used it a few times, don’t really like it, perhaps because I don’t understand it all that well

Type Mock  Supposedly easier to use but compromises design

Roy Osherove posted this today on twitter. Basically a google code projet to compare differnt mocking frameworks, since this is part of the topics for meetup next month have a look :) 

DI IoC Containers


Windsor is an Inversion of Control container, it helps you decouple your code and by proxy, it makes your code more testable.  IT is pretty obvious I m not gonna go into detail, however I will say I found this to be very useful

Structure Map

I havent used this IoC DI tool, is in my wish list and would like to see how it differs from Windsor.


**Edit:I **had to add this, Rhino Commons this includes two things that are very useful, a generic Repository ( i know some peoplea re against this) , the Log4net helper and the IoC helper

IDE Add Ins

I don’t think i even have to mention ReSharper, I really can not code without it :) KeyMap here

In my wish list and from JetBrains as well,  is to test Team City,a simple to use CI; an alternative to this is Cruise , not so simple to set up but open source


Reflector by Red Gate is a handy tool as well. Use it a lot to inspect castle helpers. Reflector was originally developed by Lutz Roeder ; Red Gate has promised to  maintain a free version for the benefit of the community. I Really hope so.


I m doing web development , this obviously means I m using Firebug. I found a really useful site (html, css and js reference amongst others)

Browsers: my default is Chrome at the moment, however I use Firefox and ie ( to test that it works )

No more time for today will continue later .  

Have a Nice Sunday! If you feel like it, what is your tool set?

If you want to discuss this post, the best place right now for me is mastodon, please message me with your comment/question.