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Tool set for .net development

15 Feb 2009

I have 10 minutes to write this, and I ve been meaning to …

This is a few things that I use (or want to try) :

Unit Testing Tools

MbUnit - Faster to test AR Datamodels 

NUnit Nothing bad about it, nothing that made me go wow! that’s great!  (that i can remember right now)

and of course

Test Driven  Just love the fact that you can right click a test, a unit or a project or a solution and just run the test or in the worse case scenario debug the test.

Mocking Tools

Rhino Mocks  Used it a few times, don’t really like it, perhaps because I don’t understand it all that well

Type Mock  Supposedly easier to use but compromises design

Roy Osherove posted this today on twitter. Basically a google code projet to compare differnt mocking frameworks, since this is part of the topics for meetup next month have a look :) 

DI IoC Containers


Windsor is an Inversion of Control container, it helps you decouple your code and by proxy, it makes your code more testable.  IT is pretty obvious I m not gonna go into detail, however I will say I found this to be very useful

Structure Map

I havent used this IoC DI tool, is in my wish list and would like to see how it differs from Windsor.


**Edit:I **had to add this, Rhino Commons this includes two things that are very useful, a generic Repository ( i know some peoplea re against this) , the Log4net helper and the IoC helper

IDE Add Ins

I don’t think i even have to mention ReSharper, I really can not code without it :) KeyMap here

In my wish list and from JetBrains as well,  is to test Team City,a simple to use CI; an alternative to this is Cruise , not so simple to set up but open source


Reflector by Red Gate is a handy tool as well. Use it a lot to inspect castle helpers. Reflector was originally developed by Lutz Roeder ; Red Gate has promised to  maintain a free version for the benefit of the community. I Really hope so.


I m doing web development , this obviously means I m using Firebug. I found a really useful site (html, css and js reference amongst others)

Browsers: my default is Chrome at the moment, however I use Firefox and ie ( to test that it works )

No more time for today will continue later .  

Have a Nice Sunday! If you feel like it, what is your tool set?

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