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GWT-Ext Charts

11 May 2009

A quick post about Gwt-Ext Charts.

Getting charts to work in GWT-Ext can be a little painful.

There is 3 things you have to make sure you have:

in your .gwt.xml


the gwtexux.jar file in your classpath, and of course the jar file should be wherever you are pointing to  ;).


Most importantly the swf file that is on wherever you set your express install, in the demo is set to ` chart.setExpressInstall(“js/yui/assets/expressinstall.swf”); ` and even tho i had my library where it should, for some reason for me it wasn’t uncompromising to the right path so I uncompressed what i needed to public/js.


Note: Sometimes the charts don’t actually work on hosted mode, so you should compile/browse and its there … in Firefox and Chrome but of course it doesn’t work on ie :(, this is depending on the version of flash you have.

If you want to discuss this post, the best place right now for me is twiter, please @silverspoon with your comment/question.