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June Meetup Alt Net Ireland Review

24 Jun 2009

The past 18th of June we had a meetup.

This month’s meetup topic was Behaviour Driven Development presented by Claudio Perrone and Andre . It was an overview of the topic and how does it work as well as some examples with cucumber , Andre is a QA Professional and himself and Claudio demonstrated how they collaborate. Andre is involved in the Development process from early on and uses cucumber with Selenium and Watin (or Watin not sure).

Edit: Andre did a blog post about it (you can see it here)

Then we decided on July’s topic: IoC facilitated by Franklin (Windsor)  and I think someone said they will bring some StructureMap samples  for a discussion, sounds good.

I really enjoyed the last few meetings and I hope it keeps happening.

Claudio will not be attending a few meeting as hes going to be busy looking after his new born, Best of luck for you and your family. We promise to keep you posted and hope you come back soon.


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