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More than a text editor

06 May 2010

Recently I started using Visual Studio 2010, if you follow me on twitter you probably know that this hasnt been a nice transition for me (apologies for the cursing btw)  I ve had many crashes, and I m pretty sure I m not alone, not only a quick search in twitter will reflect this (see image below, the only marked twitt is about a fix for something) , but a some of my co-workers had one or another problem.

It would be naive to think all the issues have the same source, and I know that many are related to the plugins ( I use Resharper with xUnit extensions and AnkSvn). What I m trying to say is that this post is not  to bash Visual Studio,  to be fair the IDE is pretty flashy, shiny, even amazing…. but you know what I want options,  something I can rely on and that I can bend to my will. Lets elaborate on that.

Using resharper means I m used to using shortcuts, templates and whatnot,  I know I should be able to bend an IDE to do what I want so I can code faster, be focused on what I m doing. **On the other hand **I can also see that having a comon IDE within a group means we can share tricks and learn about each other practises.

So today I saw this post by Rob Connery and I cant help but wonder, Is Vim the right way to go?, no idea but I know I m ready to give it another try.  However Id iek to set my expectations. I think what I would like is a more modular VS  (where I can turn things off).

Although it s a pain, the Add Reference Dialog **speed is not my main issue,  it takes so long to add a reference that at least it makes me think “Do you really want to add that dependecy?**” I would prefer if it wouldnt happen tho.

So, what do I want ouf of my IDE:

am I dreaming? Possibly, but lets see whats possible

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