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Another way of generating generic types

26 Jul 2010

Kick post on Types, nothing outrageous, but this was just a construct that I never used too much.

The other day a collegue and we got stuck on a method similar to this

void DoStuff(Type type) { var iInterface = typeof(ISomethingAmazing); Type genericType = //how to get ISomethingAmazing<type>

//do more things }

and well I didn’t know but you can do this

void DoStuff(Type type) { var iInterface = typeof(ISomethingAmazing); Type genericType = iInterface.MakeGenericType(new Type[] { **type **});

//do more things }

Why would you want this? well say for example, you are working with a container and need to get all the ISomethingAmazing of whatever your type is Particularly handy if you are using a handlers or factories a lot.

What happened?

Basically we just had information about the types we wanted but at compile type we didnt know the types, this is a away to return a runtime type even when you dont know what that type is.

I hope this is helpful for someone


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