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2010 Events Coming Up

23 Aug 2010

There is a bunch of things happening in Dublin in the next few months, I figured it would be handy to push a post on it.

30th of august - Windows Phone 7 . A joint event between MTUG and Dublin Alt.Net - Registration and Details

9th of September - Promiscuous Developer Meetup (location not confirmed) developers of different languages meetup and try to find the answer to life, the universe and everything, maybe it wont be 42 :) sounds kinda interesting. More info here.

11th of September - Open Spaces Coding Day III - A full day of coding on whatever topic is decided on the day , the last event was a really cool thing to do, learned loads. Hopefully this one will work out just as well.

25th of September - OSSBarcamp - The classic OSS event, to be held in UCD. Registration and details OSSBarcamp.

9th Of October - DDD Dublin. An event where there are a lot of developer presentations, presented by developers. The talks are selected by vote (ie not the organizers) , for more info on the series of events, please check here; the events  in Scotland and Reading in previous years were really interesting , so its worth taking note of the date. I ll update this post when there is more info.

If you want to discuss this post, the best place right now for me is mastodon, please message me with your comment/question.