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7L7W - Scala Day 1

31 Oct 2010

In the Book Club, we are reading 7 Languages in 7 Weeks (for more info on the book club go to Dublin Alt.Net mailing list) so far a really awesome book, Its helping me have a quick view of not only different languages, but also different programing paradigms. Which is really refreshing, but hard. The thing that I like the most about the book so far , is that you do much more than a hello world, but of course, you can learn in depth, however, the author makes a really good job of explaining what’s at the core of each language, sometimes, just trying to really grasp that is a tiny bit hard , when  it’s a paradigm you are unfamiliar with it, but the effort is well worth it.

Anyway, since I haven’t been able to the last two meet ups, I thought I’d do a second read of the Scala chapter and put together some notes. Please note I m writing the notes as I read.

Scala is a general purpose language, interesting that it seems to fit well many scenarios because of this OO, Functional mix Type inference seems to be not so strong Principles of functional programming that apply to Scala:

val is immutable var not …. Likes

There is a full page on the book dedicated to somewhat clarifying strong vs weak and static vs dynamic  languages. I mostly agree with his points there.

My first impression when seeing the language was that it reminded me more to python than to java, maybe it was def .

As Part of the exercise of Day 1 you need to find a comparison between Java and Scala(I found this), one of the interesting things I learned while checking that out is that XML is supported natively, I also liked the point on moving to a more functional style of programming slowly, but with a nicer syntax.

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