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CQRS/ES Presentation in Belfast yesterday

21 Jan 2011

I was in Belfast yesterday were I was presenting what I called “CQRS/ES and friends” in NIMTUG . I had a great time thanks to all who came and thanks to the organizers.

I would normally post here my presentation, but not sure its of any value, as it doesnt have much info, I use it for helping me remember what to say, if anyone want it, i can definetly post it, just add a comment here.

The code I was showing is a fork of  Super Simple CQRS code example by Gregg Young

I have a link ( bundle) with a bunch of links about CQRS and ES, including a few other sample code bases

If you have any questions, or feedback good or bad (something missing?) please let me know by posting a comment here (if you don’t want me to publish it just say so )

Thanks for coming :)

If you want to discuss this post, the best place right now for me is mastodon, please message me with your comment/question.