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DDD Scotland. Review and Slides

11 May 2011

During the past weekend I was at DDD Scotland, it was great to meet all the people there.

I  apologize for the amount of lolcalts that I added to my presentation (available below) and any feedback, etc more than welcome.

[slideshare id=7891964&doc=cqrsesandfriends-110509044316-phpapp01]

In many ways it was good to get the presentation out of the way early  because it meant I could focus on being out there listening to other folks smarter than me talk and meet some people.

After my talk I was at Gary Short’s presentation on hoe to measure performance, interesting and really well delivered. Some interesting questions too.

Then I was at Seb Rose talk on TDD and unit testing. It was interesting to see that you can test drive a C++ app. His advice was sound. He talked about the importance of setting a structure before starting to test. He talked about the importance of deployment. And how it was important that the tests were also clean and well designed. Link to his slides

After that there was lunch, unfortunately (or not)  I couldnt catch any of the grok talks as I was talking to people, one of the ideas we had was to open source a project (not mine :S) that would make using selenium+qunit on CI easier… will see how that goes.

After that I joined a talk by Toby Henderson,  The dark parts of Mono. I reallly enoyed this talk. Info about small standalone tools or libraries that you can use, with examples. Such as IKVM, Cecil, SIMD, Compiler and Gendarme.

Finally, I joined the “Ask the Speakers” panel, very relaxed and quite fun. We talked about the news (Mono and its future, other stuff I cant remember - please comment),  innovation and community. There is a post of note that goes into some of the stuff we talked about .

All in all a great event, thanks to everyone for making it possible.

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