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Reading Diary: Real World Functional Programming - Day 1

16 Jun 2012

I‘ve been feeling that I m missing out by not knowing much about functional programming and this book was recommended to my many times, so I started reading it.


I expect to learn more about functional programing , I would like to be able to translate the ideas to other functional programming languages.


I would like to be able to use functional programming ideas day to day on game development, there is a lot of asynchronous flow control in games that I hope, can be improved. The problem with this is that features that are ok to use in other types of development, such as LINQ, don’t perform well enough on game development, at least that’s what the performance analysis was showing us in some sectors of the code.

I think this objective is perhaps overly optimistic, the world would be too boring for me if I set myself reachable goals all the time, right?

Intro and part of Chapter 1

Going over some basic functional ideas, but I m already feeling I should have read this book earlier. Some comments as I go along:

Leaving it here for today …

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