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The dying platform: .Net

15 May 2013

For the last few years I have been writing code in C#. I think C# and .net are great tools to write software. I find that C# is exactly where I need it to be, I can do low level when I need to work with pretty high level abstraction (ish). However the world (unfortunately) doesn’t do what I want and it feels like the momentum .net had is certainty fading.

These are some reasons why I think this is happening (not all related directly to programing)

These are some reasons why I think this is happening (not all related directly to programing)

  1. Inherent hatred for Microsoft and anything it does, even if it is good. I think is pretty sad since I see this attitude from people that should be objective from a technical standpoint, licensing can’t always be an issue.
  2. Windows 8 and WinRT with it’s confusing .net support. It doesn’t help when it comes to .net developers either. It seems like their intention was to bring in the “cool kids(?)” but with that they alienated the people that supported them.
  3. All the windows phones, and particularly the WP7 fail (no update path for win 8). It is fail from a commercial standpoint and from developer support, how can you spend any significant amount of time with a platform that you don’t know is going to be there in a year or if there is any support for it.
  4. Half arsed open sourcing, by this I mean, you can read the code but no thanks, we don’t take pull requests Sad smile.Also, the very common not invented here that MS keeps doing (Monorail vs MVC, Nunit vs MStest, NHibernate vs EF, and many others ).
  5. Tablets and the fact that MS doesn’t have a significant share on any of this, so for many the digital experience is via apple or android.
  6. For me, killing XNA. A great SDK, suddenly abandoned. Why? no one ever gave a reason I can remember (can you?)
  7. XBOX vnext rumoured online only putting a nail on the XBOX coffin.

What could save it (maybe)

  1. Strangely, Xamarin because of their amazing mobile tools based on mono . Unity helps too, but I do wonder about what they have in mind for the future
  2. Aliens?

Edit: Maybe F#?


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