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Yeppp!... for numbers

04 Jan 2014

On the interwebz today I found an interesting library that somehow I haven’t heard of before, and it is a few years old, I wonder if the low popularity level is due to it’s unconventional name: [Yeppp!][yeppp]

What is it?

Yeppp! is a high-performance SIMD-optimized mathematical library for x86, ARM, and MIPS processors on Windows, Android, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux systems. Yeppp! functions are presented in several versions with optimizations for different processor microarchitectures. During initialization Yeppp! library detects the processor it is running on, and chooses the optimal function implementations. It is also open source with a very friendly commercial licence

one, two, one two

It sounds cool right, so what can we do with this and most importantly is it any good?

There is some graphs and numbers to crunch on the Yeppp website I’m going to be very unortodox(stupid?), not really look at them, and get my hands dirty first.

The first thing I did was run the examples, I made some small changes so that the code doesn’t do anything obviosuly non performant (like creating a new instance of Random inside a loop) until I ran into an exception in the Entropy sample… researching. Not a new problem (edit 06-01-2014)

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