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F# Autocomplete plugin for Sublime

11 Jan 2014

I am learning functional programming and the one I am playing with the most is F#. So I was on the look out for something small to do with the language, the other day I saw a tweet from @codebeard where he was asking for some help with a plugin for Sublime for F# Autocomplete, what he has is here.

! Plugin Preferences

I started to poke around with it to see if I can make it work. So far:

I updated to python 3.2 and now I’m getting a different error, leaving it here for tonight but will pick it up again as soon as possible.

NOTE: There is one thing that I just realized, if I keep this project this way, it will only work in windows and ideally I would like this to be multi-platform. I need to think about ways to mitigate this.

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