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Standing desk day to day

20 Jan 2014

I decided to keep a mini journal with updates about having a standing desk, I figure a lot of people are thinking about it (like I was) and it might be handy to have this information.

Day 1

Today is the first day I am using as standing desk as described in this article . It’s been exciting “building” this.

I used the desk without the shelf for about 4.5 hours two days ago and I was tired (though I had a long run before that, so that might be the reason). I used it without the shelf

no shelf

Today is officially the first full day and I am finding that having the shelf really helps, also I’m feeling less tension in by upper back than usual. I got this square cushion as well for standing on it (no shoes), and I think it’s more comfortable, compared to standing with runners.

With shelf

I noticed I tend to shift on my feet at lot, probably that’s good for circulation.

After about 3 hours I sat down for lunch (it felt great)

I’ll update at the end of the day

Had a planning meeting for 3 hours (I was sitting down)

I ended the day pretty tired, the standing aspect stopped me from procastinating a bit

Day 2

I was slightly dreading the idea of coming to work and standing, but when I got here I forgot about it, I was thinking that a new setup like this would take a little while to get used to.

I’m at half day and feeling the legs a bit but not much.

I had to show some code to other people here and it was strange to share the space but it actually was nicer to be standing, it seemed more conducive to a conversation about the code.

End of day, it’s been eight and a half hours and I am pretty tired, I had a few breaks, and sat down. My plan was to do all coding standing and use a laptop for emails and browsing while sitting down, that plan is not working out so far, perhaps I need to try harder (some emails require my immediate attention and I didn’t have the laptop setup there and then). By the way if someone is reading this and have a question feel free to comment or tweet at me @silverspoon

Day 3

I slept like a baby ( I’ also cycling 16 miles a day commuting, I assume that is a contributing factor, however the big change is the standing) I am noticing I am generally in a better mood though.

After 8 hours of work I was really really tired. Sat down, I had trouble staying awake :(

Day 4

Started the day with a lot of energy (and an 8 mile cycle) I m after the first half and feeling good. I m noticing my upper-back is really way less tense than normal (ie never noticed how tense I was) also feeling a bit of pain in my lower back, I guess it’s muscle building for standing for longer because it goes away.

Day 5

Nothing new to report really

Week 2

I am halfway through week 2, getting more used to this, I need to learn to take breaks more often. After 8 or 9 hours I am really tired. Benefits I noticed: not upper back pain, higher energy levels

Week 2 Day 3

I had a breakthrough, I think. I am not only able to stand for longer but also I feel higher levels of energy. I would still really like to be able to sit down (particularly when I need to work late,. I also think this is helping my core muscles, but there is no way to measure that so… i.e. be able to revert to normal desk) however I think this experiment is pretty successful. Oh and yes, when people see it they ll ask you about it, so if you are thinking of doing this the first few days everyone asks you about this.


It’s been a good few weeks now since I started using the desk and this what I think about it



So basically if I had a standing desk where I can also sit if I want to, that would be amazing =).

XKCD one up-ing :D lol

The best standing desks

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