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CodeMesh presentation slides

24 Jan 2014

Possibly what blew my mind the most last year was attending and presenting at CodeMesh, the conference line-up was impeccable, and of course, the interesting bits happened when talking to people there. Kudos to the organizers for a great conference.

Below please find my slides, they probably make no sense without context. I think the interesting parts of the talk are better explained in two posts about game concurrency here and here

Some pictures and links:

David Turner’s talk is available via this paper “Some history of Functional Programming Languages”

Parallella Board, website

Yan Cui’s slides

Phil Trelford’s video on F# for Trading, to be honest, even if you are not into trading, this is pretty good.

The talk by Dave Thomas and Jose Valim was pretty cool, no video or slides available at the moment :D.

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