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Dojo fractal forest in F# (with pictures)

29 Mar 2014

A week or so ago I was lucky to be in San Francisco for “the” Game Developer Conference, while I was there I was able to meet Mathias Brandewinder, we got to chat about loads of things (and eat some really nice breakfast) two of the many things we talked about were FsCheck and the dojo fractal forest.

FsCheck is this really cool Pex like tool, I am trying it out and I could attempt to explain it but Mathias already wrote a great post about it in this post, check it out. You can also use FsCheck with NUunit.

The Dojo fractal forest is just a little exercise in F# to make a tree using recursion, I though I should give it a go, it looked like fun.

As I was writing this I was debating weather I should put some code up or not, as it might have a negative effect on people thinking of doing this. I decided against it for the moment. These are the iterations of the trees I built.


When I reached the tree I was happy that I had achieved the goal of the exercise, but what else could I do with it?

Adding a leaf at the end of each branch was super simple, but that is not how trees work. I had to go find how real trees worked

with leaf

I need to continue this post later, if you are intrigued you should go and try it out yourself :)

If you want to discuss this post, the best place right now for me is mastodon, please message me with your comment/question.