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Build tools FTW

10 Aug 2014

At the moment, and for the last while, I have been working on an awesome game OniKira: Demon Killer (yes we renamed it recently) from the start we wanted to have a one click deploy, and I believe in walking skeletons…, so, I have been working on having a one click build since the beginning of the project and as we are getting closer to a Steam Early Access for the game and need to send different types of builds to different parties this is really starting to pay off.

Current Tools

This is a list of tools we are using for the build:

Tools on Testing Phase

Recently I added #FAKE to our Duality(game engine) build, I was able to do something a custom with the build in a couple of hours (generally custom in build tools is a pain), and it has TeamCity integration so this is something I might use on the next build task I have.

Thank you

All of these tools are free (at least the way we use them to build and many of them are open source. Thanks to all of you that make this possible.

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