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F#n and games

31 Aug 2014

F#n and games

I am extremely happy to announce that after Strange Loop a conference I am lucky to attend!. I will be going about North America showing off some F# and games!

I will in the following user groups

I will be updating the details of the times here as I learn about it. I hope to see you there!

Game on!

It is way more entertaining to learn by doing. To that end we will be using Duality (an open source game engine) with a F# plug-in (also OSS) to create power-ups (or power downs? ) to Breakout.


It is very possible I’ll be attending the amazing F# Progressive tutorials in New York, the line up is pretty good, and suitable for both beginners and advanced f#ers. If you are close and into functional programming, this looks like a great conference and Don Syme, Scott Wlashin, Rachel Resse and more involved in it.

More Game at GameCraft

GameCraft Logo

On October the 4th at GameCenter NYU New York GameCraft is happening. In this 12 hour event, you have 10 hours to start and finish a game with a given theme (the theme is announced on the day), in case you are wondering the extra 2 hours is to play each other games and get prizes!. You can use any technology you want. If you never took part on a game jam I would recommend you do, the first question I get generally is: What skills do I need? you need to want to make a game, and quite possibly a laptop. Phil Trelford is no stranger to GameCraft and wrote a lot about it in his blog. Attendance is free but you need to register . Thanks to SkillsMatters and Game Centre NYU for helping make this event happen.

Thanks to fsharpWorks for Sponsoring this trip!


Hi, Halpz!?

If you have any tips, suggestions, ideas on how to move around the cities I will be in, or want to meet up, that would be great!! Just leave a comment here or I am on twitter @silverspoon

If you want to discuss this post, the best place right now for me is mastodon, please message me with your comment/question.