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Creating a vm for Haskell development

19 Feb 2015

It has been a while since I used any flavour of Linux as a development environment (so, apologies if I am showing something really obvious). Haskell development in Windows doesn’t seem to be the default :D (Haskell Platform installs and runs super well on Win7 and 8 BTW) but trying to learn in a non recommended environment is probably not a good idea. To that effect I am creating an Ubuntu vm to serve as a development environment for Haskell

These are the steps I went through:

in .profile

# set PATH so it includes cabal
if [ -d "$HOME/.cabal/bin" ] ; then

Also the version of ghc I was on doesn’t play nice with cabal > 1.22 so after updating the path I had to call the cabal install command this way:

cabal install cabal-install --constraint="cabal-install < 1.22"

The source of this cabal + ghc seems is better described here

And then I called leksah on the terminal and it worked!


This is all for today, will update this post with a link to this VM hosted somewhere, as It might be useful to someone.

Another Day, another pain

couldnt install glfw easily so I decided to create a new vm :
sudo apt-get install libglfw3

It would have been cool to have a some sort of way to know that the installation worked

sudo apt-get install libftgl2 

It did work

After doing this I was able to build the project however I can only run a few of the projects, some fail requesting that I enable 3d acceleration, however when I do this, the vm doesn’t work well.

my feelings exactly:

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