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Porting an engine to Android 1

13 May 2015

As you might or might not know to make Onikira: Demon Killer we use an engine called Duality and a few weeks ago we started to port it to android.

Starting out

As we started we made a list of things that we needed to look at

These were a conversation starter.

First steps


The first thing we did was to try to get OpenTk running. Here the awesome Dean Ellis gave us a huge hand by talking to us and then pushing some code to the repo.

Duality uses a fork of OpenTK, so to port it we forked too here.


Duality depends on Farseer so we also had to fork this project. The process so far has been super simple // more details


Explain changes to the branch here


…. add more day by day (I have something like this already)

12th May

Today we finally got a texture rendering and using OpenGL 4.4 via OpenTK. We also decided that all the repositories will have their master untouched (as it was from any original fork) and that all android related changes will go into the branch ‘android-port’

13th May

Today we are working on other default shaders rendering and input.

15th May


We are porting Duality runtime to Android, all the code is available on this user on the respective android-port branch of each repository. If you are interested in this and want to help or have questions, let us know.

If you want to discuss this post, the best place right now for me is mastodon, please message me with your comment/question.