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28 Jul 2015

Lately I have been working on the port for our game Onikira: Demon Killer (very very close to release by the way)… it is a lot of work but hopefully good stuff for everyone will come out of that, namely the port of the Duality Game engine and all dependencies to Android… if you want to read a little about the chaos of that, you can read the Port Notes (please note, it might make no sense, these are notes that might only make sense to me, if even…). The way we are going about this is to try to get all the parts working in the fastest possible way (so we can release the game on the new platform) and then come back, and do the cleaning thing and collaborate with Adam, the main maintainer for the Duality Game Engine to create a nice, clean version of the port . This is the reason why all the changes for this port are forks, all of them available on github repo

By the way you can see all open source builds available via our TeamCity build server.
A very by Thank you!! to Hadi Hariri and JetBrains for the Open Source license for Teamcity :D (we love it). Also much thanks to Xamarin and Dean Ellis, of Monogame fame, for the Open source license too :D


If you have any questions about the port or want to help on the open source effort for it please let me know. Twitter might be the best way.

Also I have to apologize to people trying to use the Duality Scripting plugin as it is not very user friendly at the moment, but I do want to spend sometime as soon as this game ships.


Which reminds me, Come to Kats Conf 15!!!, a functional programming conference in Dublin on September the 12th, if you are in Dublin or close you should consider attending.

Kats Conf

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