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Database of programming languages?

13 Feb 2016

As I try to understand the history of programming languages I am building a time-line with paradigms and families of the programming languages I learn about. I can’t help but wonder why there isn’t (or perhaps maybe I can’t find) some sort of catalog with all this information, it seems like something we could have available, but we don’t.

Something as simple as language name, what other languages influenced it, who worked on it. Anything else that could be useful is a bonus.

Do you know of something like that? The closest I have found is Wikipedia, but that doesn’t give me the data in a way I can play graph it or maybe I need to clean it up. Tiobe index, Open hub and maybe even Rosetta Code might also provide some sort of insight.

I think this can be an interesting project, however I am posting this here in the hope that someone knows about other similar efforts.

These are the iterations of my graph, this is not complete. However it might give you some idea of what I would like for data points given this.


then this (not completed )


I did these by hand because I am trying to iterate fast. It would be pretty amazing to generate these with concrete data. Wow…feels like I was just in a great alternative version of Back to the Future, :D.

So what am I exactly looking for? a database? with at a minimum:

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