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No long term damage. Day 6

25 May 2019

Day 6 of a week trying to generate the least amount of long lived rubbish by not buying non renewable things. My rules are:

Previous days:

Day 6: Saturday

A day of doing things outside.

We are not sure on how this will work, could take many hours or we could be back for lunch time.

Turns out it was pretty hot and we were doing active things. There was drinks available with plastic cup disposals. I saw that this was recyclable and I thought about keeping the cup to reserach more, but forgot with everything going on.

For lunch we were at a barbeque I ate a burger with the bun, no rubbish. However, there was another similar plastic cup to the one earlier, and I reused this many times to get a drink, however I binned it as well.

Later we were at a coffee place, I asked for soda water, I thought this might come in a glass, sadly it came with a plastic bottle, this had a Pet symbol

>" Coca Cola intends to use 50% recycled PET in its containers by 2030. While food-grade processing has been established, efforts are being made to improve the efficiency of processing technologies. The availability of post-consumer PET material is also a challenge."

I also found this article from the British Plastic Association an informative read. (now that was a sentence I never thought I would write ;) ) I am not sure what is the impact of these recyclable bottles, recyling them is obviously better than nothing, but how many times can we recycle them? What happens to the bottles that are not recycled? I think caps are not recyclable, what can one do about them? If this week showed me something is that bringing your container for hot and cold drinks has a lot of impact in waste generation.

Later we had a frozen pizza at home. The pizza cardboard is fully recyclable. Sadly the plastic cover is not.

Pretty sad.

Long lived Rubbish for today

Today’s questions


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