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New Crafts Paris May 2023

23 May 2023

I am going to be talking at New Crafts this Friday. I’m planning to update this post with more info about how was the conference here, so I figured I will start this post now.

My talk: Knowledge sharing is Systems building


People building a (dynamic) system need to have a high level of shared knowledge. They need to know not just what to build today, but what the system should look like in the near future. Generally, the goal of the system is a bit of mirage, with blurry edges. We have an idea of what it is we are building and we build that together but details are hard to grasp.

Sharing knowledge effectively is hard, in this talk I will present a technique called Bytesize Architecture Sessions. It is a workshop format that improves knowledge sharing of systems.

Some of the benefits of Bytesize Architecture Sessions are:

Since you are here you get a peak at one of my slides!

Sharing methods

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