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Answering questions about Bytesize Architecture sessions - On the goal of the sessions

11 Oct 2023

I recently spoke about Bytesize Architecure Sessions at the Global Software Architecture Summit. I got some interesting questions in the Q&A. We didn’t get through all of them, so have grouped them and answering in smaller posts. This one is about how to find the goal of the session.

Questions about the goal of the session

All these questions are similar in that we are trying to understand how much work to attempt to do in one session, as well as to try to finish something across sessions.

Let’s start of with the bigger picture, what are you trying to achieve with these sessions.
If you are trying to get a team to be more homogeneous on their knowledge of their domain, then you can think about ways to break that up into diagrams that can be roughly drawn in 5 mimnutes, this is why I always suggest to start with C4

For example in one of the first teams we tried Butesize Session, as a team each of us knew some of the workflows well, but each of us didn’t know all of them, and we had no diagrams for them. So, in each Bytesize Session we did boxes and arrow diagrams of the workflows, one diagram per Session.

If we now focus on the how much the participants can model in one session. To answer consider

As you iterate with the Sessions’ participants you will all start getting a feel for what you can do.

Bytesize Architecture Sessions help you evolve an Architecture practice, in a safe space.

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