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Interesting learning resources - January 2024

23 Jan 2024

This idea, of writing a weekly(ish) post with interesting reads started of after reading Please, Own Your RSS Links. This is a post which could be summed up as

Own your writting so that when stuff goes wrong you can change the source and keep going

Nothing ground breaking but a good remminder to make sure that if you post, put a tiny bit of effort and have an RSS feed. This led me to look for a good RSS reader, which has been hard since google reader died. It also made me realise that not only do I want a reader I want to make some notes for my future self about what I read and what I liked about it, maybe some thoughts.

So here are some interesting links with some commentary

Screenshot of talk by Andreas Pinhammer

You still have zero prestige among the team, and zero trust; you need to meet them where they’re at and address things they care about.

Resources I want to check out

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