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Interesting learning resources - February 2024

01 Feb 2024

So here are some interesting links with some commentary about programming languages, strategy, etc. Since a lot of the links are not short reads, I’m going to keep it brief.

Rust’s Golden Rule - Steve Klabnik.

The golder rule referred to is the following

Whenever the body of a function contradicts the function’s signature, the signature takes precedence; the signature is right and the body is wrong.

And the implications of applying this to language design and also how it affects language usage. It made me think about cognitive loads when programming and how much I welcomed other decisions in other languages.

Nice to read Steve’s writing. I remember watching some of his talks and what I always enjoyed in those is that it’s an invitation to think. He shows you what he’s thinking and then you are left with more thinking to do, which is absolutely perfect.

The outcome of the strategy becomes culture by Aleix Morgadas

A series of posts about technical strategy. It’s great to see other people’s journeys, isn’t it?
I really enjoyed the raw honesty and self-awareness of the post and the transition to new “levels” of awareness and learning strategy.

Aleix realises that learning needs to happen

This post:

Importance of Context

It’s a Feature, Not a Bug: A Step-by-step Guide to Architectural Decisions - Sonya Natanzon

I was in attendance when this talk was originally delivered and since then I shared this link multiple times. It’s a no nonsense, well-structured way to find some common ground when making decisions. Like most processes, it’s up to you to find the parts that make sense for your context, and do that.

Watching thia talk is especially beneficial if you believe your organisation doesn’t struggle with decision making, as you may discover unrecognized challenges in your process.

Influce mapping series - Charles Lambdin

Not only this is a well written series of articles, influence mapping is a super useful tool.

It’s takes a bit of reading but I think it’s worth it. Not all the examples are ones I would use, however I did enjoy how the larger examples mapped to ideas of what you can do in your situation.

At some point while you read this you might feel rather Macchiavelian but if that is the situation you are in, you might as well have some idea about what tools to use and what tools others are using.

Like most people, I started reading this series on part three. The hook, that kept me reading the series of posts was the many references to other resources.

Resources for later in the week

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