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Interesting learning resources - February 2024 - part 2

13 Feb 2024

So here are some interesting links with some commentary about programming languages for distributed systems, cellular architecture, and advisory process for teams.

Programming the cloud ought to be delightful

The article could be summed up with:

Programming options

What happened is that they implemented this ideal into something that you can test, now and for free.

Many concerns come to mind when considering using this in a “real-life project”

I am sure a lot o can be answered by playing around with it Still, I might try it out and see what I can learn from it.

Slack’s Migration to a Cellular Architecture - Cooper Bethea

It can be interesting to read these types of write ups. This post goes over:

There were mentions of follow up posts that I didn’t find. I look forward to the next post where the author maybe will describe how they came to these decisions and what alternatives they considered. If you do read the post, you might find some of the images included are a bit blurry, making them hard to read.

Edit: I didn’t know what cellular architecture was. My initial reading tells me it’s a way to contain failure by having partial or full copies of software systems (cloud providers probably love this 💸). Link to aws article on how to implement cell based architecture

Scaling the Practice of Architecture, Conversationally - Andrew Harmel-Law

A blog post I keep coming back to, either to read or share. At it’s core it explains why top-down decision making doesn’t work and what you can get when you work collaboratively. And it’s so well written (yes I am envious!)

The premise is that everyone can make decisions as long as they consult with those affected by that decision and people with experience in that area. There are four activities that support this premise: Decision Records to document decisions, an Architecture Advisory Forum for conversations, Team-sourced Architectural Principles to provide guidance, and a Technology Radar to understand the landscape. Are they all totally suitable to you right now? It depends 😀. It does give you some strong foundations to try for something that works in your teams and organisations.

The article goes over how this affects teams, changes to the role of the architect, how this approach works with the company strategy and how to make it happen. The cherry at the top is an example. At the very worst it will make you think and there are some great external links.

Resources for later in the week

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