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Database of programming languages II

14 Feb 2016

I mentioned in a post yesterday that I was looking for a programming languages database with this minimum info:

I got some good responses on twitter, thanks to all of you who responded. The one closest was this one from Dmitry Geurkov (@dgeurkov)


Where he links to the visualisation below. Make sure to follow the source as you can click on the nodes to see the influence of any language shown there.

viz Source: Exploring Data

This link lead to the freebase db. Very close to what I was looking for. I see a need to be able to amplify this information with extra details. Such details should depend on the language.

Scott Wlaschin sent me some great links to this graph from the great book: Concepts, techniques and Models of computer graphics (which has an accompanying MOOC, in case you are interested.)


And this one by O’Reilly languages Large pdf

Following links from the last site, I found these other very promising links:

Indirectly I also found:

Finally, I found the timeline from the computer history museum.

I was pretty sad to see so many dead links.

Until the next time.

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