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No long term damage. Day 1

20 May 2019

Something rather different here. I am doing a little experiment.

A week trying to generate the least amount of long lived rubbish by not buying non renewable things. My rules are:

Day 1: Monday

Commuting by train and tube: I have a card that I can top up so no train receipt. but makes me wonder if those train tickets are recyclable or biodegradable.

Hot drinks

I love tea, generally I brew my own leaf tea, however in the office there is tea and I had a cup nearly without thinking. It was a Twinnings Individually Wrapped Tea (no recyclable marking so I have to assume that the wrappers are non recyclable) What are these wrappers made of? I asked them a question on twitter while Iwait, I checked online and it seems that not only the wrapping might not be cool, it seems like the tea bag itself contains plastic source from 2018.

Update: Twinnings replied

By the way, I use the mugs in the office and I don’t generally drink take away tea nor coffee.

Sugar sachets, are they recyclable? biodegradable? I erred on the side of caution and didn’t use sugar.

Lunch time:

I generally prefer salads for lunch. However most salads come in a plastic container :(… Initially I went to a place recommended by a colleague at the office, he mentioned this place was environmentally conscious. On getting there , it had closed down. So I went to Pret A Manger, first I saw a hot wrap, it looked like the packaging was cardboard, but it was not marked as recyclable and when I asked the cashier, he didn’t know if it was ( I was there at lunch time so they were busy), so I got a toasted sandwich, the container was marked as recyclable.

Also, in the spirit of research and learning I emailed TossedUK about being able to use my own container and they replied saying yes :D. I just need to present my container before they start packing it! (A++) Makes you wonder if most places would be OK with this?


Dinner was food cooked with item that were already at home, so nothing to report there.

Long lived Rubbish so far


Conclusion so far

I am pretty happy with how little rubbish I was able to generate just by making my choices based solely on this factor. Another interesting side effect is discussing this with people you chat with during the day. People were keen to help and provide options and ideas. We were all surprised by how much we didn’t know about recycling.

List of Questions

Will update with links if/when I get answers

Are the following items recyclable or biodegradable:


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