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No long term damage. Day 2

21 May 2019

Day 2 of a week trying to generate the least amount of long lived rubbish by not buying non renewable things. My rules are:

For previous days:

Day 2: Tuesday

Commuting by train and tube Today’s hot drinks were either leaf tea or coffee from the coffee machine in the office, no sugar.

Lunch time:

Had lunch at a place with table service, the potential waste there where kitchen towels. I checked a few places and it seems like they are compostable, however I checked the website for my local council and it is not listed in the allowed items. I have emailed them to check What’s the story with that and also to ask what they do with the tea bags, since they allow this as an item to be composted.

Later and other questions

Other members of my household did the shopping this week, since that falls outside of my rules, I am skipping that, but I can see that this would rise many questions. I also notice that since we are in election time, there was some leaflets delivered I wonder how much care was put into the environmental impact of printing and distributing these. And also are them compostable/recyclable.

Long lived Rubbish for today

Nothing!!!! Very happy, tomorrow I am meeting with some friends, so I imagine I will have more constraints than usual.

Today’s questions


Update: The council replied and they forwarded my query to Veolia who are the company doing the composting.

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