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No long term damage. Day 5

24 May 2019

Day 5 of a week trying to generate the least amount of long lived rubbish by not buying non renewable things. My rules are:

Previous days:

Day 5: Friday

Working from home again today.

All food an drink consumed today was bought before the start of the week or not by me, so I figured I would document anything I put in the bin.

Lunch time

I had a salad that I prepared myself, I used the last of some nice spicy beetroot. The container was clear plastic which is “widely” recycled, not so for the fork (or at least not mentioned) nor the film covering it. There was a note about how you can bring this to a big store, my nearest one is about 5 miles from here, which I would probably have to drive to, especially If I am buying more food there. I wonder if the home delivery would take this instead.

Later and Questions

I cooked from this evening. There was:

Pretty sad.

Long lived Rubbish for today

Today’s questions


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